Our Seal of Quality is a symbol indicating the processes followed by our company to ensure a total quality controlled manufactured product, proudly produced in South Africa, under international standards.

The implication of our TQMCS (Total Quality Management Control System) ensures that we deliver a premium quality end product. Our marketing, design, production and distribution processes are all dealt with in this manner to meet the high standards and service expected by our customer base.

This system is implemented beginning with the procurement process of our raw materials, containers and packaging. All our raw materials are sourced internationally through ISO 9000 approved suppliers. These raw materials are pre-tested by our research and development division within our own laboratory and through our suppliers testing facilities. Our formulations are tried and tested in the most stringent manner before being proven to qualify for final production. Our containers that are utilised are purchased with a view to being able to be recycled once utilised.

Our production software ensures that precise calculations are stipulated in each and every batch sheet issued for production. All raw materials are weighed to precision with ISO 9000 approved scaling and metering systems. Each and every batch is recorded and tested after production to ensure that the quality standard is achieved. A sample is kept in our lab for safe-keeping in line with SAPMA requirements.

Every care is taken during the production process to minimise the use of energy and to avoid wastage and any effects to the health and safety of our staff and to the environment as a whole. We comply with all South African occupational health and safety laws and abide by international environmental standards. Waste management, recycling and recovery and material handling are all strictly adhered to according to HAZMAT requirements. Our products are also distributed in accordance with HAZMAT transportation requirements.

We pride ourselves in continuing to produce our products according to this management system and delivering our impeccable service to our customers. We shall continue to strive in maintaining these high standards with our commitment to quality and the on-going development of our products into the future.

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