Waterproof Coating is a classical water based acrylic Waterproofing compound, which is used in combination with a geo-fabric membrane to provide a long lasting water proof coating for all roof types, parapet walls and other areas as required.
Highly durable and UV resistant for the harsh South African climate.
Highly water resistant-with a low water up take this coating
   won't let the water re-enter the areas it protects.
Excellent adhesion and flexibility-this coating will move with
   building as it expands and contracts as the temperature fluctuates
   between night and day and Winter and Summer.
Resists algae and fungus growth.
Low odour.
Non hazardous.
Tile and fibre cement (asbestos) roofs, including ridging and flashing areas.
Metal roofs, including overlap, screw heads and flashing areas.
Parapet walls.
To help seal very large vertical and horizontal cracks in walls,
   which even after filling may have a tendency to re open with time.

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