Fibrous waterproofing is a new generation water based pure acrylic Waterproofing compound, in which the re-enforcing Fibre membrane is incorporated into the ready to use liquid coating to provide a long lasting, seamless and flexible water proof coating for all roof types, parapet walls and other areas as required.
• Highly durable and UV resistant for the Harsh South African climate.
• Highly water resistant-with a low water up take –this coating
   won't let the water re-enter the areas it protects.
• Excellent adhesion and flexibility-this coating will move with
   building as it expands and contracts as the temperature
   fluctuates between night and day and Winter and Summer
• Resists Algae and Fungus growth
• Low odour
• No messing around with not easy to use geo-fabric membranes
• Tile and fibre cement (asbestos) roofs, including ridging and
   flashing areas.
• Metal roofs, including overlap, screw heads and flashing areas
• Parapet walls
• To help seal very large vertical and horizontal cracks in walls,
   which even after filling may have a tendency to re open with time.

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