Cement waterproofing additive is a Acrylic based admixture, which improves water resistance and adhesion of cement based composites.
Improving adhesion of thin sections of cement patches,
   mortars and screeds to their substrates.
Improving tensile and flexural strengths of sand and cement mix
   permitting thinner layers to be used.
Single-component liquid can be easily gauged as required.
Improves cohesion and workability.
Improves mortars to provide waterproof repairs, renders
    and toppings that are highly resistant to freeze/thaw cycling.
Improves tensile and flexural properties allowing thin applications.
Excellent bond to concrete, masonry, stonework, plaster
   and block board.
Contains no chlorides.
Can be applied to damp substrates.
Tensile strength improved by 40 % and flexural strength
   by 45 % using 3:1 sand cement mortar.

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