Multi-substrate Primer is a Novel, pure acrylic water based multi-substrate primer for use on a large range of house hold substrates under a range of Heritage water and solvent based Decorative products..
• Excellent corrosion protect and stain blocking properties.
• Excellent adhesion, hiding powers.
• Excellent, no mess application properties to a wide range of
   house hold substrates.
• Quick drying and very smooth undercoat/primer.
• Excellent penetrating and binding properties.
• Excellent alkali resistant and properties.
• Can be used for many different cement, mortar and concrete types.
• Improved bonding/adhesion between the plaster/concrete
   and the substrate.
• Improved water resistance and flexibility of plasters/concretes
   modified with this additive.
• New or weathered plaster, bricks, hardboard and fibre cement walls.
• New or weathered galvanised steel and mild steel.
• Powdery, friable, weathered, previously painted areas.
• Lime wash.
• PVC and Ceramic gutters and down pipes or tiles.
• Wood / Timber substrates and Melamine's/Formicaฎ

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