Road Marking is a classic, modified alkyd based, interior / exterior, low sheen roadmarking finish for unpainted bricks, cement, concrete, stone, bituminous and tarmac road surfaces to protect substrates from abrasion, rain and sun. Meets the rigorous requirements of SABS 731 Type 1.
High abrasion resistance and durability.
Excellent adhesion to a range of properly prepared road surface
• Heritage Paints Roadmarking contains highly reflective minerals for
   high visibility in parking and other areas.
• Meets SABS 731 Type 1 standards.
• Suitable for machine application as well as with a paint roller
   or brush.
• Serves as a base coating for the application of reflective glass beads.
• Available in the different shades required by municipalities and
   road authorities.
Bricks, cement, concrete, stone, bituminous and tarmac road surfaces
concrete, stone, bituminous on roads,airfields parking areas and
driveways. Bricks, cement and tarmac road surfaces on roads, airfields,
parking areas and driveways.

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