Universal Undercoat is classical alkyd based general purpose undercoat, which has been especially formulated to give the best long term performance for the total system. When used to provide a very strong and stable base for over coating with a wide range of Heritage water and solvent based products.
Highly durable, humidity and UV resistant for the harsh South
   African climate.
Excellent Corrosion protect and stain blocking properties
Excellent adhesion, Hiding power.
Excellent, no mess application properties.
Quick drying and very smooth undercoats/primers.
Excellent penetrating and binding properties.
Excellent alkali resistant andproperties.
Plaster, Hardboard and Fibre cement walls.
Primed metal or Degreased / mild steel / galvanised steel /
   aluminium /copper and brass.
Powdery, friable weathered, previously painted areas.
Fire or nicotine stained areas.
Wooden / timber substrates.
Unpainted bricks.

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